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Why aren’t you using two-factor authentication yet?

In 2012, Wired contributor Mat Honan got hacked and this year Naoki Hiroshima got hacked. Why? In both cases people wanted to own their short Twitter handles. It’s strange to think that something so trivial and ultimately unimportant caused such a problem and in Honan’s case almost caused him to lose precious data that wasn’t backed up. Social engineering played a big part of the problem that led them to getting hacked and while there’s not a lot you can do about that you can at least make things more difficult on would-be hackers with two factor authentication. Two factor authentication requires something else in addition to a password to get access to something. It may be a text message to your device, an additional piece of information about yourself, a PIN that only you know, etc.

Techcrunch tells us of a site called that keeps a list of services that offer two factor authentication and gives you an ability to let the sites that you rely on that don’t offer it that they should.

At a bare minimum, you should ensure that your domain registraremail provider, and cloud providers are all using it. Controlling a person’s email address gives you the ability to reset their passwords on any number of services and you don’t want people to be able to wipe any files / backups or be able to hold them hostage as was the case with Honan.