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Yelling at the Radio

I’ve listened to the Accidental Tech Podcast with Marco Arment, John Siracusa, and Casey Liss for a while now and three things confuse me about these guys.

  1. They hate trackpads – Mice are good for precision photo manipulation and first person shooters. Apple makes the best trackpads and if you spend a lot of time using the iPad and are used to gestures then how can you not like the Magic Trackpad?? Heresy.
  2. They don’t use iCloud for backups – They asked “Does anyone pay for iCloud backups?” The answer is YES! THIS GUY! Apparently these guys back their phones up via iTunes. I bought my parents an iPhone 4S in 2012 to replace the 3GS I had. Because we use iCloud for backups, all they had to do was power down one phone, power up the new one, put in their iCloud username and password and their old iPhone content migrated to the new phone. Seamlessly. Painlessly. Ever have your phone die when you’re traveling and you have to replace it? I have. It happened in early 2010 before iCloud existed. Do you know how great it would’ve been to restore it without needing my home computer? I pay for the larger size because I want my photos and videos stored with Apple too. I also backup my photos and videos to CrashPlan and Dropbox. Multiple backups are good. It’s cheap enough I don’t know why one wouldn’t do this. A good rule of thumb: If someone offers you cheap, plentiful, automated backups … YOU TAKE IT! I believe Apple should make it free and give you enough to back up every device you’ve bought but that’s a different argument. If you support less tech savvy relatives with tech support, these types of backups are great.
  3. They look down their nose at Facebook – I don’t use Facebook is the new “I don’t even own a TV“. All these guys use Twitter which, to me, is equally terrible but for them to be technologists and dismiss Facebook is strange to me. John Gruber, who covers Apple and has a podcast too, seems to do the same thing. WIRED recently covered Facebook’s many technical innovations … most all of which are open-sourced and free. The biggest problem with Facebook is the way a lot of people use it. It’s not inherently awful and it produces a lot of useful tech.

None of this really diminishes the quality of the show but it does make me scream at my phone wondering how fellow Apple nerds can have such opinions 🙂